Outline image of Parcel 1.0, Ravensworth landgrant

Parcel 1.0 (Ravensworth landgrant)

  • Northern Neck Grant – Sometime before 1685, John Matthews and unnamed partners purchased a landgrant of 21,996 acres from the proprietors of the Northern Neck Grant.
  • Parcel 1.0 – In 1685, William Fitzhugh (the Immigrant) bought the 21,996-acre landgrant that by 1715 was known as Ravensworth. A later survey in 1791 specified its size as 24,112 acres.

Today’s view (in Google Maps)

This outline of the boundaries of Willliam Fitzhugh’s 1685 landgrant, Ravensworth Plantation, shows the area included within and what is on the ground today.View Parcel 1.0 (Ravensworth Landgrant) in a larger map