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Mordecai Cooke Fitzhugh built his family’s residence, Fountainbleau, on Ravensworth probably after 1804 and before 1832. The site overlooks Holmes Run near where it flows under today’s Sleepy Hollow Road between Falls Church and Annandale.

The earliest record that identifies the house is the announcement of his daughter Lucinda’s marriage there to Richard Scott in 1832.1 An 1804 letter and map by his brother Nicholas Fitzhugh refer to “my Brother Cooke’s Meadow” and “my Brother Cooke’s Quarter” but not his house. The only structure marked on the map in this general area is labeled “My Brother’s overseer’s House.”

The orignal house burned before 1870, and Mordecai’s descendants replaced it with a new structure that still stands on Skyview Terrace. Maddy McCoy’s Historic Wanderings blog article Fitzhugh-Thomas House includes photos of the house and grounds as well as a brief history of the property and its owners. In his January 1975 article, “Fitzhugh Plantation House Still Stands,” John H. Moore, Jr. recounted a tour of the house and included a photograph of a basement foundation stone inscribed “MC 1834.”2


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