The following selected passages are from lease G1:188 of 4/10/1767 between William Fitzhugh (of Chatham) and William Williams. The language, terms and conditions are typical, almost a fill-in-the-blanks boilerplate for Fitzhugh’s leases. (Long paragraphs are divided into shorter segments for easier reading.)

“This Indenture made the tenth day of Aprill in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & sixty seven Between William Fitzhugh Junr. on the one part & William Williams on the other part. Witnesseth that the said William Fitzhugh Junr. for & in consideration of the rents & covenants therein after mentioned on the part of the said William Williams to be paid & performed hath demised granted set & to farm letten and by these presents doth demise grant set & to farm unto the said William Williams two hundred & six acres of Land with the appurtenances (except all mines minerals & quarries whatsoever)…”

“…To have and to hold the said Land & premises (except before excepted) to the said William Williams & his assigns for & during the natural life or lives of the said William Williams, James Williams & William Williams his sons & for & during the natural life or lives of the longest liver of them.

Yielding & paying therefore yearly & every year during the said term to the said William Fitzhugh Junr. his heirs & assigns twelve hundred pounds of Crop Tobo. … which shall be made on the demised premises … to be tendered and delivered according to law at some convenient warehouse on potomack river…”

“…he the said William Williams or his assigns shall & will within three years after the date of these presents

plant upon the demised premises or upon some part thereof three hundred good fruit trees whereof one third at least to be good apple trees & the same will enclose with a good sufficient & lawfull fence

& that he & they shall & will erect & build a good dwelling house twenty feet by sixteen & a Tobo. house thirty two feet by twenty after the manner of Virginia building

& will from time to time & at all times during the said term well & sufficiently maintain & keep all & singular the messuages buildings & fences which are to be built or at any time during the said term shall be upon the demised premises in good & sufficient repair

& at the end or sooner determination of the term aforesaid will so yield up & leave the same to the said William Fitzhugh Junr…”

“…the said William Williams & his assigns shall not at any time during the said term without the leave or license of the said William Fitzhugh Junr….first obtained in writing, work or cause to suffer to be worked the demised premises with more than four labouring hands that is to say such hands as are generally allowed in the collony of Virginia to be full sharers in a crop & reckoning so many weaker hands for a sharer or labouring hands as a reasonable overseer would or ought at such time to adjudge & esteem them to be

& that the said William Williams or his assigns shall not commit nor suffer to be committed any waste upon the demised premises nor without leave obtained as aforesaid sell & dispose of or suffer any of the wood or timber thereon to be disposed of otherwise than for the buildings & fences & necessary uses of the plantation or plantations on the demised premises”

“…whenever eight of the tenants shall by a declaration in writing under their hands adjudge a path or road needful to be made through any part of the demised premises it shall & may be lawful for the said William Fitzhugh Junr….to cause such path or road to be made & cleared by the persons desiring the same…”