Role in Ravensworth – owner Parcel 1.2.1

Ann was the third of six children born to William (of Chatham) and Ann Fitzhugh, and the oldest of just three who survived to adulthood. She married William Craik in 1800 and died childless in 1806.1

William Craik (1761-1814), the eldest child of Dr. James and Marianne (Ewell) Craik, was a successful lawyer, judge (chief justice of the fifth judicial district of Maryland) and United States Representative from Maryland.2 A Federalist, in Congress he played significant roles in defending President John Adams against censure 3 and in the negotiations leading up to Thomas Jefferson’s election by the House of Representatives in the disputed presidential election of 1800.4

William’s father, James Craik (about 1730-1814), was a prominent physician, a top medical officer in the Revolutionary War and friend of George Washington; he was one of the attending physicians at Washington’s death in 1799.5

Ann’s ownership of Parcel 1.2.1, a gift from her father that passed to William, is known only through a deed to a subsequent owner 30 years after her death.

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