Role in Ravensworth: Owner Parcels and

Ann Fitzhugh Battaile was born about 1805, the daughter of Richard and Susannah (Meade) Fitzhugh. She grew up at Oak Hill, the family home, which she would later inherit. On July 29, 1823, she married Charles R. Battaile of Caroline County, VA.1

In the 1850 Federal Census, Ann was listed as head of household with seven children living in Culpeper County, Virginia. Charles’ name is missing in this and in later records so far found, and one source estimates his death about 1866.2 The children listed in the census:

  • Elizabeth Battaile (1835-?) also called Eliza and Lizzie
  • Israel F. Battaile (1830-1894) occupation in 1850 civil engineer; served in the Civil War in the Texas Cavalry; married Esther Stones of Tennessee;  died March 1, 1894 in Williamson County, Texas 3 4 (See also footnote 7 below.)
  • Richard Battaile (1837-?)
  • Susan M. Battaile (1837-?)
  • Andrew Battaile (1840-?)
  • Meade Battaile (1841-1906)
  • Charles R. Battaile (1843-?)5

When Ann’s mother died in 1857, she inherited part of the Oak Hill land. On the deaths of her sister Maria Fitzhugh in 1862/3 and her brother David Fitzhugh in 1868, she inherited more of the land and the house itself .

Division of Parcel Ann Battaile’s property passed, upon her own death in 1880, to her six living children: Israel, Elizabeth, Susan, Meade and two not counted in the 1850 census:

  • Ann Battaile (1836-?) also called Naney and Nannie6
  • Benjamin Battaile

The division of their mother’s property was the subject of a lawsuit brought by Israel Battaile, as “next friend,” on behalf of his brother Benjamin against the other siblings. The suit identified Benjamin as not mentally competent and successfully sought shares of the Oak Hill property and 274 acres in Culpeper, Virginia for Benjamin’s maintenance and support.7


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  7. Israel is identified and referred to variously as I. F., Issac F., Theodore and Captain Battaile in the lawsuit, but never Israel. It’s possible there was another sibling with these names. However, Israel was alive during the time of the lawsuit in 1880-84. And the court documents clearly state that there were six living siblings. The 1880 Federal Census recorded Israel living in Fairfax County in the household of his 65 year old sister Elizabeth with other siblings Meade, Nancy, and Sue – all of them unmarried. His occupation was listed as “keeping house.” Records cited elsewhere in this article have him married and living in Texas. Perhaps he was visiting or married and moved soon after the census count.