Parcel 1.1.4

Parcel 1.1.4

Chain of Ownership and Division

Richard Fitzhugh inherited this parcel following the death of his father, Henry Fitzhugh (Colonel), in 1783. It is Lot 4 of seven lots created by deed A2:186 in the division of parcel 1.1 (Ravensworth North) among Richard and four brothers.

By about 1790, Richard had established his residence here – the still existing Oak Hill. He lived on and managed the land as a working plantation with slave labor. The 1799 county tax rolls recorded 20 enslaved people in his household. The 1820 federal census counted 50, equally divided between male and female.

Division of Parcel 1.1.4

Richard Fitzhugh kept his inheritance intact except for 120 acres (parcel that he sold to Charles Noland in 1816. This may be part of or near the tract Richard’s father leased to a Charles Noland more than 30 years earlier.

When Richard died in 1821, the remaining land passed to his widow Susannah Fitzhugh for her life and later distribution to Richard’s heirs upon her death. In 1857, after Susannah died, the land was further divided by the Fairfax County court among Richard’s and Susannah’s four living children, the estate of a fifth child and a grandson.

Division of parcel 1.1.4

Division of parcel 1.1.4

  • Parcel (352 acres) – Maria M. Fitzhugh
  • Parcel (345 acres, including Oak Hill) – David Fitzhugh
  • Parcel (368 acres) – Ann F. (Fitzhugh) Battaile
  • Parcel (399 acres) – grandson William Marbury Fitzhugh
  • Parcel (501 acres) – Harriet (Fitzhugh) and Berkley Ward
  • Parcel (497 acres) – H.A. White, Ex will of Caroline B. (Fitzhugh) White

Parcel Enlarged and Further Divided

David Fitzhugh died in 1868. His will bequeathed parcel, including Oak Hill, to his sister Ann F. Battaile and her heirs. Maria Fitzhugh, who died circa 1862/3, left half of parcel to Ann and her heirs. In a long-running court case, Ann Fitzhugh Battaile v. Admr Of Maria Fitzhugh Etc, the court acted after Ann had died in 1880.1 In Deed Z4:397, the court granted half of parcel to Ann’s2 heirs and half to the heirs of William Marbury Fitzhugh and Maria Ward.

Thus, Ann Battaile’s six children were to receive equal value shares of parcel, now enlarged by merger with parcels (half) and (less 11 acres sold in 1871 (parcel to Vance Trumble. The Fairfax County Circuit Court partitioned the combined tracts in June 1880 in Deed Z4:402.

Division of enlarged parcel

Division of enlarged parcel Dashed lines outline parcel boundaries in the earlier division of parcel 1.1.4.

  • Parcel (83 acres), including Oak Hill) – Ann Battaile
  • Parcel (180 acres) – Benjamin Battaile
  • Parcel (172 acres) – Theodore Battaile
  • Parcel (171 acres) – Susan Battaile
  • Parcel (152 acres) – Eliza (Lizzie) Battaile
  • Parcel (148 acres) – Meade Battaile

Parcel 1.1.4 Chain of Ownership Documents

A2:1867/11/1797CourtNicholas, Richard, Mordecai, Battaile & Giles Fitzhugh1.1.1 - 1.1.7Survey (1792) and plat for divison of parcel 1.1 into seven parcels bequeathed to these five youngest sons of Henry Fitzhugh (Colonel) (died 1783)
N2:274c. 1814Richard FitzhughCharles Noland1.1.4.1Sale approximately 120 acres. Deed book lost; see deed O2:153 (1814) between Richard Ratcliffe and several Noland and Askins family members.
 1821Richard FitzhughSusannah (Meade) Fitzhugh1.1.4Life estate for land remaining after sale of parcel
Z4:1411857CourtMaria M. Fitzhugh, David Fitzhugh, Ann F. Battaile, William M. Fitzhugh, Harriet and Berkley Ward, H.A. White, Ex will of Caroline B. White1.1.4.2 - of parcel 1.1.4 among Richard and Susannah's six heirs
1865David FitzhughMaria M. Fitzhugh, Ann F. Battaile & heirs1.1.4.3Life estate to Maria; then to Ann and her heirs
N4:4571871Ann F. Battaile & childrenVance Trumble1. 11 acres bordering Braddock Road
Z4:39712/9/1880CourtNamed heirs of the late Ann F. Battaile & William M. Fitzhugh & Maria Ward1. & in Ann Fitzhugh Battaile v. Admr Of Maria Fitzhugh Etc; partitioned parcel into two equal value parts: 168 acres to Ann Battaile's heirs (parcel, 176 acres to heirs of Wm M. Fitzhugh and Maria Ward (parcel
Z4:4027/3/1880CourtAnn, Benjamin, Theodore, Susan, Eliza & Meade Battaile1. - of parcel (enlarged by addition of parcels (remainder) & among Ann F. Battaile's six heirs (children).


  1. Ann Fitzhugh Battaile v. Admr Of Maria Fitzhugh Etc, Fairfax Co., Index Number 1880-024″ Virginia Memory: Chancery Records Index, n.d.
  2. In Ann F. Battaile’s case, the portion granted to her heirs included three acres she had asserted ownership of and sold in 1874 to Oscar Newman (parcel