Chain of Ownership and Division

Meade Battaile inherited this parcel following the death of his mother, Ann Fitzhugh Battaile in 1880. It is one of six lots in the division of Parcel among Meade and five siblings.

Between 1882 and 1894, Meade sold all but about 10 acres of his land in 23 separate sales. In 1897, he was forced to sign over his remaining acres to John Mellon to settle loans. The below table provides details of each of the sales and forfeiture to Mellon.

Meade Battaile Sales

Lot#DeedDateGranteeParcelAcresPrice $
0Q4-4591874Oscar Newman1.
1C5-1761882James Harris1.
2F5-2241882Oscar Newman1.
3C5-4291883Daniel J P Scanland1.
4D5-3601884Daniel J P Scanland1.
5E5-4161885Charles Robinson1.
6E5-4151885Septimus Robinson1.
7F5-491886Richard P. Newman1.
8F5-2231886James Haynes1.
9F5-5981886John H Newman1.
10L6-4811886Roxalina Jackson1.
11F5-6491887Thomas Robinson1.
12F5-5911887James Haynes1.
13G5-1161887Andrew Nelson1.
14H5-3501888Andrew Nelson1.
15H5-4341889James Haynes1.
16H5-4341889Thomas Robinson1.
17I5-2091889Septimus Robinson1.
18L5-1641891George E Smith1.
19L5-4511891Thomas Robinson1.
20M5-5641892Septimus Robinson1.
21P5-361892Thomas Robinson1.
22R5-3721894William A. Kidwell1.
23S5-4791894William Botts1.
24Y5-4191897John Mellon1.

  1. Lot 0 was sold to Oscar Newman in 1874 by Meade’s mother Ann Battaile. However, the 1880 deed and survey that assigned Meade’s inherited share of Parcel included this lot within its boundaries.
  2. Lot 10 was bought on February 3, 1886 by Roxalina Jackson, which she immediately sold that same day to Oscar Newman for the same $25 price in deed F5:225.

Lots and Lot Numbers

The following shows the division into lots and their numbers. Lots 16, 19, 21 and 22 are not included, as the deeds of sale lack sufficient information to plot them. They would have been within the residual land that Meade retained, Lot 24.

Division of Parcel

Division of Parcel

Meade sold to both African Americans and to Caucasians. The small, diverse Braddock Rd. community resulting from these sales continued at least into the 1920s.

Today’s view (in Google Maps)

Located on the north side of Braddock Rd. between Accotink Creek and Wakefield Chapel Rd., today the area includes Howery Park athletic fields, Oak Hill Park and the subdivisions of Park Glen Heights, Chapel Hill, Chapel Lake and Chapel Lake Estates.

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