Henry Fitzhugh (Colonel) recorded in his ledger for 1764 the following list of 43 tenants and rents.

“1764 Ravensworth Rents

Name [Rent]
Sanford Ramey 1048
Nicholas Grimes 1048
Wm Payne 778
John Hollis 1108
Joseph Powell 1048
Daniel Mills 1000
Wm Talbot 950
Col. John Carlile 950
Mathew Sparrow 651
Wm Payne Junr 752
Wm Horseman 654
John Ratcliff Transferred to Muir 954
Edward Davis 700
John Richards 700
Wm Donaldson 654
John Duling 654
Phillip Grymes 654
John Rusing 654
Wm Ballenger 654
John Stone 654
Matthew Gowring 554
Thos Allezon 554
John Minor 982
John Gray 654
Gervus Hammond 654
Thos Lewis 654
Michael Hall 654
Andrew Allen sold to (?) 1200
John Ashby 850
Wm Richards 654
Eli Stone 950
Robert Thomas 654
Thos Parrock 654
Buryan 654
Wm Crump 654
Thos Beech 1200
Frank Ballinger where (?) lived 654
John Ashford pays now 654
John Harris where Mafou(?) pays next year 654
Enoch Hill where W. Hollis lived pays in 66 654
Isaac Davis pays in 1765 654
Luton Middleton 654
Thos Love pays in 1768 --

The above is a list of my Tennants without any (?)”1

Although he labeled this a list of his tenants, Henry Fitzhugh included several but not all of his leaseholders. Seven had recorded leases dated 1764 or earlier: Gray, Davis, Hollis, Duling (Dulin), Talbot, Crump, Ramey and Minor. Several others received recorded deeds in later years: Davis, Mills, Ratcliff and Beech (Beach). (See Leases – Parcel 1.1).

Today’s view (in Google Maps)

The map below shows the approximate locations within Parcel 1.1 of 30 of the 43 tenants/leaseholders, determined from Beth Mitchell’s Fairfax County, Virginia in 1760, an Interpretive Historical Map.2


  1. Henry Fitzhugh et al., Henry Fitzhugh Papers, 1746-1789, Bedford (Stafford County), Virginia (Frederick, Md.: University Publications of America, 1987), (102). Entries shown as “(?)” are unintelligible. Rents typically would have been paid in pounds of tobacco.
  2. Beth Mitchell, Fairfax County, Virginia in 1760, an Interpretive Historical Map (Office of Comprehensive Planning, 1987), map.