More than 30 leases in Parcel 1.1 are listed in the below table that were made by Henry Fitzhugh (Captain) and Henry Fitzhugh (Colonel) between 1750 and the son’s death in 1783. (Further research may fill in empty sections of the table,)1 2

Perhaps best known today is the lease to David Price, who operated Price’s Ordinary at the intersection of Backlick and Braddock roads – site of an historic vote by Fairfax County freeholders in favor of approving the proposed U.S. Constitution.

  • Lease Locations in 1792 – The deed survey plat that partitioned Parcel 1.1 marks the location of several leaseholders in 1792.

Chronology of Leases

Leaseholder (also on lease)DateLeaseAcresLocation and other comments
Ann Moxley (James Moxley, son; John Moxley, son)4/10/1750C1:55100Beginning at Falkner's; beginning upon Cattail Branch
Sanford Ramey (Sarah, wife; John Connelly)3/22/1750C1:139200
Barnaby Currey (Anne Curry, wife; Thomas Currey, son)3/22/1750C1:141220Beginning at Wm. Horseman's; beginning head line of Ravensworth; on Middle Run
John Gray (Elizabeth Gray, wife; Drakeford Gray)4/13/1750C1:143100By a branch
William Donaldson (Betty Donaldson, wife; William Donaldson, son)3/9/1750C1:146100Beginning on a ridge in light of a glade and Run
John Duling (Winifred Duling, wife; Thaddeus Duling, son)8/10/1753C1:671100Beginning on Accotink Run
Wm. Talbot (Leanah Talbot, wife; Benjamin Talbot, son)11/18/1753C1:702150Beginning on Backlick Run in dividing line of Ravensworth; line by Daniel Talbot's fence
William Crump (Hannah Crump, wife; Nanny Crump, daughter)8/10/1753C1:731100Tract where James Farmer now lives, Beginning at Leonard Prat's corner; NW side of Indian Run
George JohnstonD1:499
William PayneD1:519
John Hollis (Bur Hollis, son; William Hollis, son)4/24/1758205Includes the land where John Hollis now lives, also the 100 acres where James Allen lived last year; Beginning by a Branch in the Fitzhugh's dividing line
John MinorF1:199(missing deed book)
Edward Davis (Rhebecka Davis, wife; Allen Davis, son)10/1/1766G1:88169Beginning on the main road side leading to Alexandria
John Ratcliff (Ann Ratcliff, Richard Ratcliff)5/13/1766G1:155179Beginning in dividing line of Ravensworth, corner to Tho. Beach, on the Cattale (Cattail) branch above the main road
Thomas Beech (Mart Anne, wife; James Beech, son)10/4/1766G1:206BlankMatthew Sparrow's line, Leonard Prat's line, Jno. Rusing's line; Beginning on Indian Run in east line of Ravensworth
Drakeford GrayH1:133(missing deed book)
Edward Davis6/21/1773K1:357BlankBeginning on Alexandria Rd., Church Rd
John Spinks (Enoch Spinks, son; Cintha Spinks, daughter)6/23/1773K1:405100Beginning at Falkner's; beginning upon Cattail Branch and Run
John Spinks (Enoch Spinks, son; Cintha Spinks, daughter)6/23/1773K1:410100Beginning at corner between Spinks and Saml. Smith, David Price's line, Thomas Beach's corner, Pratt's line, lott granted to Spinks (K1:405)
David Price (William Price, son; Heseciah Price, son)K1:416179Beginning in dividing line of Ravensworth, corner to Thomas Beach; On Cattle Branch above the main road (Price established Price's Ordinary here at the intersection of Backlick and Braddock roads.)
Ephraim Dickens6/23/1773K1:421138Beginning at the bridge in the main Road to Alexandria
William PayneN1:452(missing deed book)
William PayneN1:456(missing deed book)
Daniel MillsN1:460(missing deed book)
Walter JohnsonN1:576(missing deed book)
Thomas Reed(See: W1:323)
Thomas Beach5/6/1776(See: U1:407)
Poor House
Charles Noland(See: L1:144) This may include land purchased by a Charles Noland in 1816 from Henry (Colonel)'s son Richard Fitzhugh.
Walter Johnson
William Green
Samuel Woolbright
Basil Williams
James MoxleyM2:153


  1. The information for the table was provided by Ms. Maddy McCoy, historian and historical preservationist – a byproduct of her research of Ravensworth in developing a Slavery Inventory Database for Fairfax County, Virginia.
  2. Many researchers identify Ann Moxley’s lease, dated April 10, 1750, as the earliest known lease in surviving records for use of land for a fee anywhere on Ravensworth, north or south parcels. Maddy McCoy’s research reveals that, while it is first in terms of having the lowest deed book number, the lease issued to William Donaldson on March 9, 1750 and two others that month came earlier.