Role in Ravensworth – owner Parcel 1.1

Henry was the second surviving child and oldest son of Henry (Captain) and Susanna (Cooke) Fitzhugh.

In 1746, he married Sarah Battaile (1731-1782), daughter of John and Sarah (Taliaferro) Battaile of Caroline County. Together they had 14 children:1

Henry’s military rank of Colonel denotes his position in the Stafford County militia. Appending “Colonel” to his name helps distinguish him from others named Henry in the Fitzhugh family.

As the oldest son, Henry inherited extensive properties when his father died in 1753, including the 11,000-acre north half of Ravensworth (Parcel 1.1) and the family seat, Bedford Plantation. From Bedford he managed his extensive holdings, including leasing to tenants on Ravensworth.

At his death in 1783, Henry’’s will divided his half-share of Ravensworth among his five youngest sons: Nicholas, Richard, Mordecai, Battaile and Giles.


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