The Goodings acquired 8.6% of Ravensworth in 11 parcels,

The Goodings acquired 8.6% of Ravensworth in 11 parcels

Over 40 years between 1814 and 1853, William Gooding, Jr. and his sons, Peter Gooding and William H. Gooding, acquired nearly 2100 of Ravensworth’s 24,112 acres (about 8.6%).1

The Gooding Family holdings were contiguous. They stretched in an unbroken line on both sides of Little River Turnpike for almost three miles from Accotink Creek westward.

From a modest 224 acres acquired before 1828, Gooding lands eventually extended almost three miles along Little River Turnpike

From a modest 224 acres acquired before 1828, Gooding lands eventually extended almost three miles along Little River Turnpike

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How the Land Was Acquired

William Gooding, Jr. – 525 acres

  1. In 1814, bought 60 acres (parcel north of Little River Turnpike from Jonathan Scholfield
  2. In 1821, another 100 acres (parcel across the turnpike, also from Scholfield
  3. 365 acres (parcels & adjacent to the first tract in 1838 from Augustine Fitzhugh

Peter Gooding – 895 acres

  1. 64 acres (parcel from his first wife’s (McIntosh) family in two increments in 1819 and 1827
  2. In 1832, 386 acres (parcel from Charles Fitzhugh
  3. In 1838, 347 acres (parcel from Edmund and Henrietta Lee
  4. In 1852, the final 98 acres (parcel from the Huntt family

The year he died (1859), Peter married Amanda Gooding, who owned the 189-acre Parcel This parcel is not contiguous with the other Gooding family holdings and is not counted in the family’s total acreage.

William H. Gooding 659 acres

  1. In 1839, 214 acres (parcels & 7) from John Lloyd
  2. In 1851, 405 acres (parcel from Henry W. Fitzhugh
  3. In 1853, 40 acres (parcel from Lewis and Catherine (Jewell) Beatty to complete a transaction within his wife Mary’s (Jewell) family

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Gooding Lands Chain of Ownership Documents

?1814Jonathan ScholfieldWilliam Gooding, Jr. of 59.75 acres north of Little River Turnpike. Original document unknown; transaction cited in deed D3:560.
X2:19212/11/1819Lachlan McIntosh & Joseph McIntoshPeter Gooding1.1.6.3Sale of 44 acres for $400; 2/3 share of parcel
S2:4171821Jonathan ScholfieldWilliam Gooding, Jr. of 100 acres for $4,000
X2:1939/3/1827Joseph & Sarah McIntoshPeter Gooding1.1.6.3Sale of 19.5 acres for $30; remaining 1/3 share of parcel
A3:1988/25/1832Charles FitzhughPeter Gooding1.1.6.9Sale of 386 acres for $1,587
D3:4671/1/1838Augustine & Mary Mildred FitzhughWilliam Gooding, Jr. & of two lots of 316 acres and 49 acres for $1800
E3:469/4/1838Edmund & Henrietta LeePeter Gooding1.1.6.8Sale of 347 acres for $1,000
E3:2591839John LloydWilliam H. Gooding1.1.3.6 & 7Sale of two lots of 214 acres in two lots of 88 acres and 126 acres for $3,000
Q3:1737/31/1851Henry W. FitzhughWilliam H. Gooding1.1.6.10Sale of 405 acres for $3,000
S3:3012/1852Huntt familyPeter Gooding1.1.6.4Sale of 98 acres for $1,500 by Orlando W. Huntt, Albert H. & Susan C (Huntt) Brandt and George W. Huntt
T3:1259/26/1853Lewis A & Catherine BeattyWilliam H. Gooding1.1.6.7Sale of 40 acres


  1. Not counted in the total are 189 acres Peter Gooding’s third wife Amanda inherited in 1858 in the division of her father’s property, Parcel 1.1.5.