The 1792 survey plat in deed A2:186, which divided Parcel 1.1, shows the locations of nine Parcel 1.1 leaseholders. There are 10 house-like symbols, nine with name labels, and a circle marked “Mill.” The left side of the drawing is damaged and does not show the west-most one-fifth of parcel 1.1. An undated similar drawing is in the Francis Asbury Dickins Papers 1 It shows the missing western area but differs in handwriting, and so may be copied from the original. The same labeled locations are marked, plus four additional name-labeled houses are shown in the western area.

1792 survey plat

1792 survey plat (deed A2:186), partitioned parcel 1.1

Today’s view (in Google Maps)

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Comparison of Names by Source

1792 Survey Plat Dickens papers
Lane Lane
Moxley Moxley
Harrold Harrold
Steel Steel
Davis Davis
McIntosh McIntosh
Cash (or Cook)
Lewis Lewis
mill mill
Price’s Price’s


  1. Francis Asbury Dickins Papers #218, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.