The north and south parts of Ravensworth evolved along different paths, starting with the second partition. The north was immediately divided into several parcels, and the new owners would soon subdivide further to sell parts both within and outside the Fitzhugh family. The south remained largely intact and in the family for several decades longer.

Parcel 1.1 – Ravensworth North

Henry Fitzhugh (Colonel) died in 1783. His will bequeathed the north half of Ravensworth in equal shares to his five youngest sons. In 1797 the land was divided into seven parcels:

2nd partition changes

Second partition changes

Parcel 1.2 – Ravensworth South

Upon his death in 1809, the remaining land was bequeathed to his son William Henry Fitzhugh.

  • Parcel 1.2.2 – In 1820 William Henry Fitzhugh sold 410 acres to Presly Barker.
  • Parcel 1.2.3 – In 1830 William Henry died, leaving 1300 acres to his niece/adopted daughter Mary Caroline Goldsborough.

Dying without a natural heir, William Henry bequeathed the remainder of the land to his wife Anna Maria Fitzhugh “for her sole and exclusive use during her natural life”, and in trust for his niece Mary Custis Lee (Mrs. Robert E. Lee) and her children. Anna Maria sold about 1150 acres in four sales between 1847 and 1854.

  • Parcel 1.2.4 – (200 acres) and Parcel 1.2.6 (115 acres) to John H. Broders
  • Parcel 1.2.5 – (510 acres) to Dr. William S. Powell
  • Parcel 1.2.7 – (323 acres) to Samuel H. Williams

Anna Maria Fitzhugh died in 1874. Mary Custis Lee having died in 1873, Mary’s five living children shared the remaining land.

  • Parcel 1.2.8 – (2397 acres) to George Washington Custis Lee
  • Parcel 1.2.9 – (502 acres, including Ravensworth mansion) to William Henry Fitzhugh Lee
  • Parcel 1.2.10 – (1684 acres) to Mildred Childe Lee
  • Parcel 1.2.11 – (2090 acres) to Robert Edward Lee, Jr.
  • Parcel 1.2.12 – (1677 acres) to Mary Custis Lee

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