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The north section of Ravensworth (north of Braddock Road) continued to divide sooner and faster than the south section. In 1797, Battaile Fitzhugh sold all of his land (parcels 1.1.1 and 1.1.7) to the same investors, who sought profits by quickly reselling. In 1814, Giles Fitzhugh had sold his land (Parcel 1.1.3), much of it to investors also. Nicholas Fitzhugh died that same year, his land (parcels 1.1.2 and 1.1.6) either sold previously or divided among his numerous heirs. Only Richard Fitzhugh’s Parcel 1.1.4 and Mordecai Fitzhugh’s Parcel 1.1.5 stayed largely undivided into the late 1850s.

The changes that created new fourth generation parcels are summarized in the sections below. Follow the link for each parent parcel for a fuller account.

Parcel 1.1.1

Battaile Fitzhugh sold/traded 600 acres in 1796 to his brother Giles Fitzhugh, and sold the remainder in September 1797 to doctors Henry Rose and Augustine Smith.

  • Parcel – 600 acres sold/traded to Giles Fitzhugh; land merged into Parcel 1.1.5
  • Parcel – 820 acres to Henry Rose in partition between Rose and Smith
  • Parcel – 857 acres to Augustine Smith in partition between Rose and Smith

Parcel 1.1.2

In 1804, Nicholas Fitzhugh sold 80 percent of the land to Dr. David Stuart. The parcel was enlarged in 1833 by new owners Stephenson Scott and William Stephenson Scott, who purchased the land Fitzhugh had retained and plus additional acres.

  • Parcel – Fitzhugh retained 231 acres to which he added 360 more by mergers with Parcel and Parcel
  • Parcel – 150 acres, retained by Stephenson Scott in sale of parent parcel in September 1838 to William, Thomas and Henry Steers.
  • Parcel – 125 acres sold to Issac Newcomb in about 1842 by new owners Thomas and Jane Crux
  • Parcel – 420 acres retained by the Crux
  • Parcel – 528 acres, remainder of parent parcel, which the Crux sold in October 1843 to Francis Dickins

Parcel 1.1.3

Giles Fitzhugh received this parcel in a sale/exchange of land with his brother Mordecai Fitzhugh. By 1814, Giles had sold all of the land and moved away. Investors Andrew Scholfield and Jonathan Scholfield purchased 1626 acres, which they sought to resell for profit.

  • Parcel – 620 acres Giles sold in about 1805 to his brother Nicholas Fitzhugh
  • Parcel – 70 acres Giles sold in 1805 also to Nicholas
  • Parcel – 60 acres sold in 1814 by Jonathan Scholfield to William Gooding, Jr.
  • Parcel – 294 acres by partition in 1814 to Andrew Scholfield; remainder of unsold land to Jonathan Scholfield
  • Parcel – 100 acres sold in 1821 by Jonathan Scholfield to William Gooding, Jr.
  • Parcels and – 214 acres in two lots sold in 1839 by John Lloyd to William H. Gooding
  • (Further division of this parcel pending research)

Parcel 1.1.4

Except for 120 acres that he sold before dying in 1821, Richard Fitzhugh bequeathed the land to his widow Susannah Fitzhugh for her life and later distribution to his heirs. In 1857, after Susannah died, the Fairfax County Court divided it among four living children, the estate of a fifth and a grandson.

  • Parcel – 120 acres sold to Charles Noland in 1816
  • Parcel – 352 acres to Maria M. Fitzhugh
  • Parcel – 345 acres, including Oak Hill, to David Fitzhugh
  • Parcel – 368 acres to Ann F. (Fitzhugh) Battaile
  • Parcel – 399 acres to grandson William Marbury Fitzhugh
  • Parcel – 501 acres to Harriet (Fitzhugh) and Berkley Ward
  • Parcel – 497 acres to H.A. White, Executor of will of Caroline B. (Fitzhugh) White

Parcel 1.1.5

Mordecai Fitzhugh received this parcel, enlarged with the addition of Parcel, in 1798 in a sale/exchange of land with his brother Giles Fitzhugh. Except for two sales, it was divided by the Fairfax County Court among his widow and their children, after Mordecai died in 1858.

  • Parcel – 25 acres sold to Colonel William Payne, site of Payne’s Mill on Accotink Creek. With this April 12, 1797 sale, Colonel Payne became the first Ravensworth landowner outside the Fitzhugh family. (Sale occurred before the sale/exchange from Giles to Mordecai.)
  • Parcel – 196 acres sold to Nicholas Fitzhugh; land merged into Parcel 1.1.6.
  • Parcel – 375 acres to Frances T. Fitzhugh, widow’s dower including house – Fountainbleau
  • Parcel – 217 acres to Henrietta (Fitzhugh) Swann
  • Parcel – 174 acres to Mary Ann (Fitzhugh) Mason
  • Parcel – 163 acres to Fenton M. Fitzhugh
  • Parcel – 189 acres to Amanda M. (Fitzhugh) Gooding
  • Parcel – 200 acres to Frances M. (Fitzhugh) & Sanford Hutchison
  • Parcel – 215 acres to Lucinda (Fitzhugh) Henry
  • Parcel – 284 acres to Juliana (Fitzhugh) Slade
  • Parcel – 267 acres to Edwin C. Fitzhugh

Parcel 1.1.6

Nicholas Fitzhugh substantially enlarged this parcel with three purchases of adjacent land from his brothers: parcels, and From it he sold four tracts and, dying in 1814, bequeathed the remaining land to his five living sons.

  • Parcel – 53 acres sold in about 1802 to the Fairfax County Court for the benefit of the poor
  • Parcel – 208 acres sold in 1807 to Price Skinner
  • Parcel – 64 acres sold in 1811 to Lachlan McIntosh
  • Parcel – 98 acres sold in 1813 to Gerard Huntt
  • Parcel – 240 acres to Edmund Fitzhugh
  • Parcel – 316 acres to Augustine Fitzhugh
  • Parcel – 40 acres to Augustine Fitzhugh
  • Parcel – 396 acres to Lawrence Fitzhugh
  • Parcel – 386 acres to Charles Fitzhugh
  • Parcel – 405 acres to Henry W. Fitzhugh

Parcel 1.1.7

Battaile Fitzhugh received this parcel in a sale/exchange of land with his brother Giles Fitzhugh in 1796. He sold 141 acres to his brother Nicholas Fitzhugh, and the remaining acres in September 1797 to doctors Henry Rose and Augustine Smith.

  • Parcel – 141 acres sold to Nicholas Fitzhugh; merged with Parcel 1.1.6
  • Parcel – 202 acres sold by Rose and Smith to Joseph Smith in November 1797
  • Parcel – 1000 acres sold by Rose and Smith to Richard Ratcliffe in October 1798
  • Parcel – 100 acres jointly retained by Rose and Smith